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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide the purest and most natural skin care and style wear products in the world. We offer depth of soul with each item we promote, while honoring ones body and mind.

I am a Force4Good's Vision is to positively empower women and offer them employment that helps restore their dignity. A woman with courage and self esteem is a force that enhances generations...more >>

Latest Blogs

Screenshot 2015-02-19 12.06.28 Let Harmlessness Begin and Harmfulness End with Us

Awareness is the first step toward solving any challenging situation. The ongoing sex trafficking of human beings, especially children, is an issue that is, being brought to mass awareness. I AM A FORCE4GOOD was founded specifically to help at risk …Read More

VDAY2015logo.en Just Stop It! The Violence Against Women and Girls Must End

I AM A FORCE4GOOD! I tell myself that all day every day. This world celebrates romantic love on Valentine’s Day and we celebrate Mother’s Day yet “I in 3 women across the planet will be beaten or raped during her …Read More

bangladesh1 Ignorance is Not Innocence

When it comes to the abduction of children and forcing them into slavery by sex traffickers, we can no longer keep our heads in the sand and claim ignorance. A claim of ignorance is not the same as innocence. The …Read More

IMG_0059 Gifts That Give For The Good of All

Giving gifts that bring joy to the recipient is what we strive for during this season. Sometimes it’s really challenging to find that special something that touches the heart and soul and makes the eyes sparkle with delight. This year, …Read More

Latest Press Releases

Executive Director/Founder of Human Interest Organization, “I Am a Force4Good”, Brenda Schubach Acts To End Child Sex Trafficking

Founder and Executive Director of I Am a Force4Good®, Brenda Schubach brings awareness to an issue close to her heart – the desire to end the ongoing worldwide enslavement of children by sex traffickers. MILWAUKEE, WI – February 24, 2015 …Read More