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Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to provide the purest and most natural skin care and style wear products in the world. We offer depth of soul with each item we promote, while honoring ones body and mind.

I am a Force4Good's Vision is to positively empower women and offer them employment that helps restore their dignity. A woman with courage and self esteem is a force that enhances generations...more >>

Latest Blogs

Gifts That Give For The Good of All

Giving gifts that bring joy to the recipient is what we strive for during this season. Sometimes it’s really challenging to find that special something that touches the heart and soul and makes the eyes sparkle with delight. This year, …Read More

Let’s Celebrate the Spirit of Women Entrepreneurs Around the World.

November 19th has been designated as the first Women’s Entrepreneurial Day and is being celebrated during the events at the Global Entrepreneurial Week being held in Greece from November 17 through the 23rd. I invite you to celebrate with me. …Read More

I Am A Force4Good Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week November 17 – 23, 2014 and Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Wednesday, November 19

The mission of I Am a Force4Good is to empower women and girls locally and internationally who are looking for a way out of domestic violence and poverty with dignity and integrity. We provide work and entrepreneurial opportunities to help …Read More

Empowering Women Starts at Home: Four Ways to Encourage and Inspire Women in Your Life

I have written a great deal about the need for empowering women around the globe. And working to do exactly that is my passion, and it’s why I started I am a Force4Good. I believe that each of us can …Read More

Latest Press Releases

Executive Director and Founder of Human Interest Organization, “I Am a Force4Good”, Brenda Schubach Encourages Meaningful Gift Giving.

Founder and Executive Director of I Am a Force4Good®, Brenda Schubach suggests gifts that benefit the recipients and those who made the gifts as well. She offers two specials guaranteed to accomplish that and deliver delight this holiday season. MILWAUKEE, …Read More